Postcard “L is for the way you look at me”

Hamburg, Germany 2016 @pandaonavespa

I always ask myself how the life of the people I see is. What are their names, what are their stories, what are their dreams and what are their fears. I see their faces, hair and clothes and I share cities, streets, buildings, noises and images with them. But who are those people? What do they do? How come that we crossed paths at that exact moment and in that exact place? Visiting the Rathaus of Hamburg the other day, I watched this new and elegant married couple taking pictures and I started wondering about their lives, about their being and about their dreams. I don’t know who they are, their names or when they met, but I know that they looked stunning, elegant and in love. And witnessing this romantic moment was a privilege.

Random encounters: Hassan, le taxiste de Casablanca

When I had to go from the airport in Casablanca to the city, I decided that taking a taxi would be much safer than taking a train and bus: I was tired and I had my huge backpack.

My taxi driver is called Hassan and he was the first Moroccan person I had a real conversation with.

He immediately asked me if I was married or not (everyone is asking me the same boring question) and he tried to answer to all of my doubts.

We talked quite a lot about Italy, about how different it must be for me here, about how horribly people drive here (true).

I asked him about women here, because I have seen some of them completely covered up, some who just cover up their head, and some dressed like we do in Europe. I thought that maybe the father/husband decided, but he told me that they can choose.

He talked very highly about his king, because he is bringing progress to the Nation, but he doesn´t really like the other politicians.

We had some communication problems, but it was ok. He was very kind and very curious about what I am doing here (I am asking myself the same question), and I really enjoyed his kind company after my misadventure.