That sunset on top of everything

You see the pictures of it everywhere, Instagram is full of shots of this view, Google has an incredible number of those pictures and everyone has been there, but you don’t know stunning it actually is, until you go there.

New York, USA 2016 @pandaonavespa

And then I finally went there as well: Top of the Rocks! Stunning. Just stunning. The view, the air, the colors and the happy faces of all the people around you staring at the same stunning view.

New York, USA 2016 @pandaonavespa

We were lucky enough to go there right before sunset and we had the most stunning view. The colors were changing so quickly that it felt like being a movie. NYC is so big, so majestic and intimidating, but from up there it was just a huge jungle full of stories and humans. And yes, we were on the top of the World.

New York, USA 2016 @pandaonavespa


New York streets (throwback time)

New York city is incredible. It’s so alive, so big, so happy and moving. You can breath tension, happiness, love and magnificence. You can wander those streets and meet so many different people, so many faces, so many colors, so many different buildings.

New York, USA 2016 ©pandaonavespa

The streets are alive. They are the meeting point of everything and everyone. They are so full of life, stories and thoughts: how many people with different stories have walked your steps? How many people have seen what you are now seeing? How many? So many!

New York, USA 2016 ©pandaonavespa

I loved the streets in New York. I loved their stories and their force. I loved being part of this amazing anthill.