I watched old ladies jumping happily into the freezing water while I was wearing a scarf and refusing to take my shoes off. I dreamed of having more layers to cover me up, while people were sunbathing. This is how someone from the South feels visiting a seaside up North.

Travemünde, Germany 2016 @pandaonavespa

If from Hamburg you want to go to the seaside, you just take a train and in more or less one hour you are in Travemünde, where big and wonderful houses look at the sea, where big cargo boats sail up North and were eating an ice cream is not a good idea because it’s way too cold – not for Germans. But I get why people sit in those extremely cute little wooden “houses/benches”: the wind is so cold, that resisting more than fifteen minutes without them would be impossible!

Travemünde, Germany 2016 @pandaonavespa
Travemünde, Germany 2016 @pandaonavespa


Travemünde, Germany 2016 @pandaonavespa
Travemüende, Germany 2016 @pandaovespa

6 thoughts on “Up North

    1. Hi Bee! I loved them too: I had never seen one before, because where I come from we don´t use them, but they are so cute! And yes: being by the sea is amazing!


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