But, when in Rome, I also manages to take some walks, to wander around those beautiful streets.

Do you know what I LOVE about Rome? Well, I adore how tiny some streets can be and how majestic some others are. I love how you can stumble upon History sipping a coffee and eating an ice cream. I love  how suddenly, without you expecting it, some very old building pops up behind a corner.

I love how romantic and elegant it feels being there, how shiny and bright the light is and how funny it is with all those Vespas around!

I walked around and I could see those streets where I had already been. Where I was smiling and happy. And so I walked over the clouds living my memory in the present.

And that’s what happened: I got lost the city, I saw corners and pavements that I had already met and I introduced them to new ones.

I observed the tourists and the locals.

I got lost in little streets and big squares.

I walked with my nose up in the air, and stumbled upon some adorable Ape Car. 

And I thought that, after all, it was much better last year, when my source of inspiration was with me in those street.

But, dear Rome, you most definitely are beautiful, breathtaking and mysterious. I love how unpredictable, historical and magical you can be. 

So, here are some corners, some angles, some surprises I found. Yes, surprises! Walking around in this city is like a treasure hunt: you look for the buildings and you find happiness. 


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