So, here is the story: on the 21st December I had my two flights back to good old Europe. The first one from Errachidia to Casablanca and the second one from Casablanca to Milan. I arrived at the first airport early in the morning just to find an extremely rude man telling me that I didn’t have a place on the plane. Imagine how thrilled I was.

He wrote  down a number that I had to call (Royal Air Maroc customer service) and then he told me to get away from the line. I was even more thrilled. The first person answering decided that hanging up in the middle of the conversation was a good thing to do. The second one was nicer, but completely asleep. He told me that my ticket wasn’t confirmed. 

Why all this shit? Because in October, when I arrived in Morocco, I had a few problems at the first airport, meaning that I didn’t manage to take my second flight to Errachidia. Royal Air Maroc has this extremely stupid and mean policy saying that if you lose a flight, all the other ones you bought are going to be deleted. Idiot thing. Very idiot and bastard thing. Anyway, the morning after my misadventure I went to the RAM office at the airport and a lady told me that it was ok and that she could confirm again my flights to come back home in December “Voilà mademoiselle, votre retour est confirmé“.

Voilà: I had a flight to go back home! Well, no. I didn’t. I don’t know if she was kidding, if she was making fun of me, if she was mean or if it was a simple and honest mistake, but WTF PEOPLE!

So, there I was, stuck at the airport wanting to go back home, but NOPE!

I finally managed to find a flight back for the 24th, but I am so extremely mad at the company and at the people working at the airport of Errachidia.

Let me tell you about how it works at the airport: Errachidia is a small city with a very very small airport. You can actually count the people working there on the fingers of one hand. And guess what: when finally it’s your turn for the checkin, the guy is so stressed and mean, that he pressures you like crazy and that he checks other 5 people at the same time. Very professional, BRAVO!

And… here is another funny thing. When you have to pass through the metal detector, it doens’t matter if the machine goes crazy screaming BEEEP BEEEP BEEP: the guy says that it’s ok and he just asks you if you have a lighter in your bag. Very safe, BRAVO to you too!

Now I am back and I will never take another Royal Air Maroc flight. They are very unprofessional, quite rude, with a shameful costumer service and the planes are so extremely dirty. They managed to lose a costumer, but I am not the only one: reading online I found a lot of horrible reviews. Congratulations RAM, if you continue like this you are going to lose a lot of costumers. BRAVO!


Rabat, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa


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