I had this weird feeling in Rabat. Sometimes it felt like Europe and sometimes it felt like -once again- another world. 

When I went to university and took the tram it really felt like being in Europe. Even the tram is like the one in Bordeaux! In the city center there are big houses, everything is nice, clean, bright and dynamic. 

But the moment you enter the poor neighborhood, it fells like another city, another Country. The streets are dirty, if don´t watch out you might walk inside a hole, people look at you differently and nothing is light-and-bright. 

It´s a very weird city and I can´t really understand if overall I liked it or not. I just know that I absolutely adored some corners here and there, like these ones:

Rabat, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa
Rabat, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa
Rabat, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa
Rabat, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa

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