I know that today is random-postcards-Tuesday, but not this week! The 8th of December is for some reason a religious day, but for me it´s Christmas-tree day! 

Traditionally we decorate our tree on the 8th of December and keep it until the 6th of January.

I remember that, when I was a child, my parents had this wonderful big white tree made of plastic (I am totally against the fact of chopping trees just for Christmas). It was stunning, because there were big red decorations, wooden toys and the color contrast was beautiful. We don´t put lights on it because my dad, when he was a child, set his tree on fire using the lights =)

When it got too old and had lost more or less all of the fake pine needles, we went to a Christmas shop in Turin to choose a new one. It was big, green and funny!

We kept in my grandma´s garage with all the red decorations and wooden toys for the entire year and brought it home for Christmas.

Every 8th of December our dear friends Gigi and Adriana would come at our place and, while Adriana and my parents chatted and drank some tea, Gigi had to be patient and spend time with child-me decorating the Christmas tree. I had to put the wooden toys and he had to put the red glass ornaments.

I like that tree. It reminds me of Gigi, it reminds me of the first pictures I have of my dog when she was a beautiful puppy.

But then the first cat arrived. And the second. And the third (she is a little Tarzan swinging on every plant that she finds). The tree was in danger: we decided not to decorate it any more. I made some horrible origami and put them on another plant we had in the house, but it wasn´t the same. At all. 

And last year everything changed. My parents moved to another house and decided that things had to get better, that Christmas is not as bad as it looks (we have some sad memories when it comes to this festivity) and that we had to celebrate: I came back from Germany and the tree was there! Beautiful as I remembered it, mixing our red decorations with the old ones my grandma owned. And the cats didn´t destroy it!

So… very soon I come back from Morocco and I hope that the big green plastic tree is going to be there! 

WP_20141224_029 (2)
Piacenza, Italy 2014 @pandaonavespa-PT

I think that the black thing on the armchair is Emma-the-Tarzan-cat…

WP_20141221_022 (2)
Piacenza, Italy 2014 @pandaonavespa

2 thoughts on “Today is Christmas-tree day. I have no Christmas tree.

  1. Wow, that Christmas tree doesn’t look like plastic at all! I also have always had a plastic tree at home, but this year I decided to buy a real one…in a pot, so that it can grow up and be useful when Christmas comes every year. When it gets too big, I decide on planting it in my grandmother’s yard. Btw, we also keep the Christmas tree at my home till 6th Jan, but we usually decorate it in the middle of Dec. Today, 8th Dec in my country it is celebrated the Student’s Day. 🙂


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