Isn´t incredible that December is already here? It feels like time has been flying so quickly: it can´t be possible that we already are at the end of -yet- another year!

I am so not prepared for it! I am not ready to say goodbye and to say welcome to another year. 

I didn´t witness the last two seasons changing, I have been living in another Continent, I see palm-trees getting brownish, but not yellow leaves falling.

I have been living quite alone the last months and I didn´t realize that the clock keeps on ticking and that the world is turning: I have been left behind in this Moroccan limbo!

I don´t know how it will feel getting back to society, to a place that I call home and to -dandandandaaan- real winter!

I remember that last year I stopped a couple of days in Paris getting back from three months in Madagascar and that it was a real shock. I wonder how this time will be!

Meanwhile I just look at a couple of photos from last winter and I can´t wait to get back to it!


4 thoughts on “Waiting for the winter shock: from southern Morocco to northern Italy

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