I google a news-paper, click on the link and… I see the horror.

Everywhere we turn to we read horrible news, horrible stories.

We read about blood, about fear, about people shooting other people, bombs exploding and limbs flying.


Why are we still fighting like this? I mean, it´s 2015 (nearly 2016!) and we still are behaving like idiots. 

What do we gain stealing  somebody-else´s life?

What to we gain by being scared, not wanting to put our nose outside of the window and living in fear?

Well… at the end of the day the answer is “absolutely nothing”.

I am tired of reading horrible stories. 

I am tired of feeling disgustingly bored reading about another unfair death.

And mostly I am tired of reading all those nonsense discussions following each and every situation. 

We are sick animals. We kill because we want to. We kill because we are so incredibly spoiled that we can´t even think about discussing our reasons with somebody else.


Sick, slimy creatures. 

I mean, wake up! We have behind us how many centuries of mistakes to learn from? It´s time to change this shitty behavior and to become normal.  


Just give childhood a chance

4 thoughts on “Stop this war-shit and start behaving like intelligent animals

    1. Dear Mallory, thank you so much for reading! Yes, what we are witnessing now is pure silliness from once upon a time.. I can´t believe it.

      Can´t wait to read something more about Seul and your beautiful ladybugs-dress!!


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