The days are getting shorter and shorter. Colder and colder. 

One day we took the car, drove less than 10 minutes and arrived at the top of these huge, flat and red mountains surrounding the village. 

The view was great, the sun was setting and it was getting colder and colder.

We nearly decided to go back home when… we turned around and the biggest full moon ever was staring at us. It was rising over Algeria and everything was pink.

Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa

My jaw fell down and I lost my breath: how was it possible? A stunning sunset was on my right and a beautiful moon-rise was on my right…

It felt like I had been trapped on another earth, like nothing around me was real and that my life has been left behind.

O, and a huge arrow fell behind me. You know, one if those regular days…

6 thoughts on “Staring at the full moon rising (o, and BTW I was on another Planet)

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