I will never get used to all the problems I am facing here. A lot of people are asking me why I am not going back home, why do I even want to try some more here. Well, I just want to win the fight and go back knowing that I have really tried. Easy (not).

And what actually kills me, is that I really like this place: it´s so different, so simple, so rural and crispy.

So here are other 4 postcards from where I am now. As you can see, it´s quite a poor place. Donkeys are more or less hidden in three out of the four photos (spot them!), children are dirty and play in the streets and the water creates beautiful “bonsai-landscapes”.

Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa
Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa
Aïn El Ati, Morocco 2015
Ain el Ati, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa
Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa

6 thoughts on “Random-postcards-Tuesday from here and there in rural Morocco

  1. I haven’t been to Morocco but lots of people I know have been and they can only say good things about the place – except maybe that they got hassled in the Casablanca which if you ask me, is absolutely normal in any big cities.

    What is it about Morocco that you absolutely and truly love? Is it the people? The food? The culture?


    1. Hummm… well, I am a rural and traditional village in the South and I have sooo many problems here! Apart from the food, landscapes and architectures (I LOVE them all), I have so many problems with local men: they follow me around, they touch me.. so, yes: pretty hard. But I can´t choose between the food, the landscapes and the architecture: can I pick them all? =)

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      1. I have to admit that I thought abut it a looot of times! But now I just have 20 days left and I already spent 2 months here, so I´ll try to be strong for three more weeks! I´ll try being safe, thanks =)


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