I miss when seasons change.

I miss when the trees become orange and yellow and red. I miss when the big cold arrives. I miss joyful big socks and staring at the rain.

I miss finding one of the cats under the blanket. I miss waiting for the first snow. I miss those horrible Christmas lights they put in the city center.

I miss having hot chocolate and watching some episodes under a big blanket. I miss wearing a scarf. I miss the big winter wool sweaters.

I miss being happy when there is a little bit of sun outside and I miss having a cold nose.

Here in Morocco this season is boring: it´s a little colder now, but the colors are the same, there are no Christmas lights (duh!) and it just feels like the temperature is dropping, leaving all the magic behind.

How sad is winter without Christmas? I don´t believe in Christmas is the christian way and I hate that pressure we all have: buying buying buying. But, after all, it´s a beautiful time of the year!

You prepare your house with a tree and many other little things, you listen to weird music, you sing along, watch old movies, dress in red, put lights everywhere, go to the Christmas-markets... it´s a joyful holiday after all! And I so miss that atmosphere!

Do you think that, if I start decorating a palm-tree, everyone is going to think that I´m crazy?


Rudolph the red nose CAMEL 

Had a very shiny nose…

Piacenza, Italy 2014 @pandaonavespa-PT
Piacenza, Italy 2014 @pandaonavespa-PT

10 thoughts on “I want to put Christmas lights on a palm-tree

  1. I think it will be interesting to see a decorated palm tree 😉 If you do it, please share pics. Otherwise, I have never felt Christmas on a warmer place but I understand you. And for some time, it’s now snowing at all on that day, and it doesn’t feel much Christmasy, which is something I miss as well.


  2. I know exactly how you feel! It’s just hard to get in the Christmas spirit when you can still wear shorts and sandals. Luckily they’re starting to decorate for Christmas here in Hong Kong, but it just feels wrong when it’s so hot out. Really looking forward to going back to Denmark in about two weeks to celebrate a proper Christmas 😛


  3. I missed those things too when I was living in South Florida this fall. I love seeing the colors change and witness the weather descending into a chilly and cozy time. After living in Miami for the first 9 years of my life I know that you learn to love wherever you live, though! I fully support you decorating a palm tree 🙂


    1. Hi Erin! O yes, South Florida must more or less be like here in Morocco!! You are right: after all we manage to love wherever we are living! And… I´ll definitely give it a try with the palm tree =)


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