I am not at all a breakfast person: I would much rather sleep five minutes more and have a disgusting coffee on the go than waking up and making something to eat.

But, when someone makes breakfast for me… well, the situation is way different! Here in Morocco, for example, Fatima always prepares a great breakfast.  

Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa

As you can see, there is everything! So this is how a real breakfast is here:

  • hard boiled eggs (there are chickens living on the roof)
  • orange juice (real orange juice!)
  • tea, of course. And if you want to know how to make a real Moroccan one, here is how 
  • home made cakes or pancakes
  • home made bread -> here is the recipe for Fatima´s bread
  • olive oil
  • olives (happy me)
  • butter (never touched it here: it looks so damn fat)
Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa

What I really like is that they have their little routines: some things are served in cute tajines and the bread is always protected by a cotton cloth. 

Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa

And now let´s learn some breakfast-vocabulary! O, remember: these are darija and not tamazight words.

  • breakfast -> al-ftour
  • coffee -> ahwa
  • mint tea -> thé b´na na (easy to remember, because it sounds like “the banana”)
  • tea with milk -> thé wa hleb
  • with sugar -> wa sukur
  • without sugar -> bla sukur
  • orange juice -> asir limun (yes, I know: limun sounds like lemon…)
  • eggs -> bayd
  • bread -> khubz
Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa
Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa
Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa
Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa
Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa

4 thoughts on “My Moroccan al-ftour (breakfast) + a little dictionary

  1. Mmmmnom! That breakfast looks so yummy! I can’t believe you’d rather have a coffee on an empty stomach than enjoy the best meal of the day 😛 It was really interesting to read what Moroccan breakfast is. The names of the things sound a bit like Turkish. Do you think there is some kind of similarity between both languages?


    1. I actually don´t know Turkish, but it´s so interesting! I am so going to google and ask around! Well, I LOVE having breakfast here in Morocco, but when I´m home I really don´t =)


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