If there is one thing that I have really learned is that traveling keeps you alive.

Getting on that train/plane/bus/bike/whatever and going somewhere to start a new adventure is one of those few things that will definitely give you chills and make you richer. One of those moments in which you realize that there is so much more out there, that there are many new friends and adventures waiting for you.

It might be hard, it might be very very difficult, but it will anyway be an experience and you will come back a little changed, a little tired, but full of new life.

There are some people out there with a incredible need of Wanderlust, with that necessity of going and coming back. 


And those moment when you take your bag, your passport and go, are the moments that teach the most about yourself.

You learn how to react to new situations, how to face problems and how to enjoy beauty. You learn how to save money, how to be more modest and maybe a new language. You realize who the most important people in your life are, because you do what you can to keep in touch with them, even if they are in a different Continent.

You learn that your mother´s pasta isn´t the only tasty thing and that maybe a tajine can be good too. You talk to new people and realize that they are living the dream, so why shouldn´t you? You realize that the World is out there, that it´s big and messy and cozy and adventurous. You realize that you are really living and that the next time – because there will definitely be a next time – you should really share the adventure with your SO or a friend.

You realize that the World is beautiful, that now you can go back home, relax and look for the next destination. 

2 thoughts on “Live, love, dive, fly: travel. This is for you, beautiful humans with a Wanderlust need

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