I don´t know if you already watched this video, but you definitely should.

It´s the story of a cocoa farmer and his friends who taste chocolate for the first time. 

Ivory Coast is the largest exporter of cocoa beans in the world, but here we see how some local farmera who have been growing them for years, don´t know what the beans are used for. The reactions we see in this video are at the same time funny, sweet and very sad: “Are you sure that this is made from cocoa beans?”, “This is why the white man is so healthy” “It´s so sweet!”…

And what is absolutely incredible is that chocolate isn´t easy to find in Ivory Coast and that, when you find it it´s very expensive: 2.70$, which is a third of what a local farmers makes a day.

Yet, once again, life is so damn unfair.

2 thoughts on “Ivory Coast: the cocoa farmer tastes chocolate for the first time

  1. And once again: WE are so unfair! :-)XXX
    Ciao Ari, bello il tuo blog! Ti leggo molto volentieri e con molto interesse. Fai bene ricordarci queste cose. In fondo le sappiamo, ma tendiamo a “dimenticarle” perché è più comodo per noi (noi del mondo ricco e fortunato…).
    Un abbraccio da tutta la VeryCountryFamily!!!


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