I decided to introduce a new menu for the blog: the – damdamdaaaam- FOOD menu!

I have been following the great Legal Nomads blog for quite a while now and I love the philosophy behind it: Jodi is a food traveler and she even published a book about it – congratulations!

Watching her videos and reading about her adventures, I realized that she is right giving so much importance to food, so I decided to add the “food menu” to my own little blog (I don´t want to copy her, let´s be clear about that).

Goulmima, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa
Goulmima, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa

What I hope to do is to share some local recipes and traditional food and drinks of my current Moroccan adventure and of many others yet to come. 

Food is a very important aspect of a culture and it might differ a lot from one country to the other, plus it´s so good! And, if you think about it, when you travel somewhere one of the things impacting you the most is what – and how – you eat. 

So, let´s see if the experiment is going to work! Meanwhile bon appetit and, if you have some traditional recipes from your Country or from a trip somewhere keep them ready: I will want to know them very soon!

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