Everything is new here for me, so I get very surprised ans excited for the smaller things. 

The other day I was  walking back to the gite where I´m living and it started raining. Normally my reaction would be: “cool, it´s raining! Now stop”. But here it was different and it felt so incredibly beautiful.

Around me there were just palm-trees and the earth had this beautiful scent. The drops falling on the leaves made an hypnotizing ticking noise  and it felt so real, so natural, so easy! I started walking slowly and getting, of course, completely wet, but I didn´t care: it was very relaxing, very beautiful.

It was my first rain in a palmerie, and I couldn´t be happier.

Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa
Aoufous, Morocco 2015 @pandaonavespa

And when I arrived at the gite, these two kittens were welcoming me at the door. Happy day.

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