Walking around these streets I feel like an intruder, like an alien. 

Everything is so incredibly simple, so basic, so easy. In a normal European street it´s a contest between stores: the one with the best shop-window and the delicious products is going to win.

Here the situation is completely different. You don´t go shopping because you are bored, but because you need something. Here you don´t choose the shop because it´s sexy, but because it´s the only one selling what you need.

Aoufous, Morocco 2015
Aoufous, Morocco 2015

I had to smile looking at this signboard: simple, direct. No photos, no shampoos, no lights or publicity. Just what they do. 

7 thoughts on “No photo, no shampoo, no lights: salon de coiffure á la marocaine

    1. Its a sign post for whoever wants to learn the Qura’an and sciences – again its the same thing as the hair salon- just a simple sign letting people know where to go if they wish to study science or Qura’n:)@helga nice blogspot @pandaonavespa 🙂

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