I have been here for more or less three weeks now, and it has been so damn hard. I am here for a project organized by my Italian university and a partner, and up to now I still don´t really know what I am doing here.

Every girl I have heard of who came to Morocco traveling solo had some problems, but reading and listening to it is one thing. Living the situation on your own skin is another situation.

Rissani, Morocco 2015

After my first hard two days is Casablanca, I finally managed to move to Errachidia, a city in the oasis. A very kind student from the University found a cheap room for me in an old hotel. Not a beautiful one of course: quite dusty, with a horrible bed and without hot water (it was a temporary problem), but it was very cheap (10 euros a night), in a good position and I had my own bathroom.

Everything was ok, until one day the director was kind enough to show me the pictures he had on his phone of some girls who stayed at his hotel the summer before: the were wearing a bikini and the pictures had clearly been taken without the girls knowing it. It disgusted me. But, when he kept on showing me other random pictures, we stumbled upon quite a few porn videos. He wanted to high-five, started laughing and said something about girls, animals and something else.

That night I slept with a table in front of my door and the morning after I went away.

Rissani, Morocco 2015

What I don´t understand is why it has to be so hard. I get that here there is a different culture, I get that here women are treated differently. I get that. And I get that, being hosted here I should respect the local culture. And I am so ready to do that! But I don´t get why I should accept men treating me like a peace of meat, like a walking whore. I don´t see them treating Moroccan women like that, and I am sure that, if they do, they are going to regret it.

It´s such a pity: it´s a stunning place, it could be a great experience, but it´s destroyed by some stupid men. And it pisses me off so so so much.

9 thoughts on “How is Morocco? Well, it sucks, because some men are making everything unpleasant (yop, still…)

  1. Hi Ari! All that would piss me off very very much, too! Did you ever try to get in touch with some local women, for example at the university? Or with maroccan women organizations or femal groups etc. etc. Maybe they could help you a bit to live their country without too many troubles and without too many stupid men…..
    Ciao, Helga


    1. Hallo VeryCountryHelga! Yop, I did try, but it´s hard, because for them the situation is normal and they don´t even see it anymore… The good thing is that I am in a tiny little village and maybe in a few weeks I will not be the “new one” anymore, and they´ll stop treating me like that! Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns bald! Liebe Gruesse an dich, Renato und il piccolo quattrozampe


      1. Ok, for them the situation is “normal”. But if you expain them that for you it isn’t, that you feel really bad for that kind of things (coming from another country, another culture etc.)… maybe they can help you to be a bit more “integrated”, to have a kind of “maroccan family” (don’t know how to explain, but maybe you understand what I mean:).
        Anyway, your italian university and even the “partner” you are working for… they seam really incapable to organize interships (or whatever this is) for young European girls in Africa!!!
        Ciao Ari! Kopf hoch!!! Anche Renato e il mostro-chiamato-Pinu ti salutano e ti abbracciano (almeno virtualmente:)

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