There is a very poetic figure I got to know here: the pollinator, or pollinisateur. It´s a person who climbs palm trees to pollinate the plant.

He is 30 meters up in the air clinging to a tree to take the pollen from the male flower and to put it on the female flower. Is there something more poetic?

Farmer on a palm tree
Farmer on a palm tree

These people have a very deep knowledge of their plants and they know exactly when it´s time to move the pollen. Some of them look at the color of the flower, others look at their size or they have some other magic trick.

The problem is that these men, because it´s a male job, have to climb up the trees without any security measure and that they are between 50 an 70 years old, because their sons moved to the city.

Aoufous, Morocco 2015
Pollinators from Aoufous

A lot of young people are leaving the countryside for the big cities: they are looking for a job, for a new life, for possibilities. What they don´t understand, and what a lot of young people all over the world don´t understand, is that the countryside offers a lot of jobs too. Of course, it´s a harder life and I totally get why they are going away, but now the problem is that nobody wants to work there anymore and we might lose a big part of our agricultural culture.

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