From Erfoud we were heading to Jorf to visit a school. The road was dusty, dry, with a few palm-trees and some shrubberies here and there. And nothing more. It was beautiful, don´t get me wrong: I absolutely love it and I really think that this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

Jorf, Morocco 2015
Jorf, Morocco 2015

My eyes were staring outside the window and seeing all this dust and loneliness, when suddenly I shouted “JAAAAMAAAAAL!”, and Jamal means camel. There were camels everywhere all along the road!

I finally met a camel!!! #wanderlustpostcards #camel #Jamal #morocco #desert #lifegoals

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I rushed outside the car and started running towards them but, of course, I scared them out, so they started running as well. Picture the scene: me chasing something like 50 camels in the middle of the dust holding my camera.

A nomad pastor, the owner of these weird animals, managed to calm them down enough to stop them from running away from me and to allow me to touch one of them.

The weirdest feeling ever: their neck is so huge! And the mouth: they are such posers with their duck-faces! They smell quite badly, but they are so cute! And so elegant at the same time: it always looks like the think they are superior to everything and everyone and, come on, they are!

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