I have been dreaming about this huge sand field for ages, and I finally got there. 

Here in Morocco we are visiting the local gombo farmers (if you don´t know what gombo is, it´s a quite disgusting and jelly vegetable) of the oasis.

Sahara, welcome! #wanderlustpostcards #sahara #morocco #desert #sand #donkey

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The other day we took our big 4×4 and started driving, and driving and driving to find this gombo-plantation, and we didn´t really know where we were going, when suddenly we entered the desert. It was stunning. 

Another Saharan sunset 💛 #wanderlustpostcards #Sahara #sunset #morocco #desert #travel

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There are no words to describe what the desert feels like unless you have been there: the sand is wavy, the landscape is to relaxing and there is silence, just this big and noisy silence.

We arrived there quite late in the afternoon, when the sun was starting to get down and it was the most beautiful sunset: everything was pink and orange at the same time, donkeys where passing by and it felt so damn beautiful.

Desert waves #wanderlustpostcards #sand #desert #Sahara #morocco #peace

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Some people say that they get scared, because the desert means death, loneliness and well… nothing. But maybe everyone should go there at least once: you have time to think, to sit and relax, to enjoy and to just let it go. 

Of course my camera died after a very few pictures and now I just have a few shots taken from a moving vehicle. All the pictures I uploaded to Instagram have been taken with my crappy phone, so the quality isn´t good at all. Here are the few camera shots:

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