Pointing the finger at someone saying that he is the different one is very easy. It takes just a second, just a couple of words, a bunch of sounds coming out of your mouth. But on the other hand, the person you are talking about might feel sad, victimized and very mad.

If you don´t wear the clothes of the victim at least once in your life, you will never understand what it feels like. When you are looked at because you are different, because you are the white European in the middle of an African city.

And if you are a girl, it might get worse. What if you are stared at because you look European and because you are just a female? It´s horrible. It´s a very horrible situation. Here in Morocco I am finding it very difficult. I have been followed, stared at, people have been shouting or whispering disgusting things to me, asking me if I want to share a room. A man told me that I am a s**t and not because I wasn´t dressed properly, because I was. It was because I am European.

Verbal harassers, FUCK YOU (1)

Words, just words, of course. But it´s a horrible feeling. And what if one the few people you should feel safe with in a foreign and difficult Country is just one of them? One of those disgusting worms? What if one of those useless human-beings is an important professor? Well, you very simply lose faith in a big part of the mankind. And you feel dirty. Well, don´t: it´s not your fault and you don´t have to feel like that.

HE is the one being disgusting, HE is the one who should feel insulted, underestimated, ready to jump in a pool full of hot water and plenty of soap to wash away that feeling. HE is a nobody, HE is a nothing: academical intelligence is useless if you are an idiot prick using your sperm´s brain to think before you talk.

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