Maybe you remember when I wrote about the first time that I had an authentic Moroccan tea, not one of those minty beverages you buy at the supermarket. I didn´t understand why it tasted so good, I couldn´t understand what the magical secret was. Now I do.

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What you need:

  • a Moroccan tea-pot
  • Moroccan glasses (yes, because here the tea has to be drunk in those tiny glasses, and not in our big mugs)


  • water
  • green tea
  • sugar

The recipe in easy, nothing really extraordinary:

  • boil some water (we did´t use more than half a liter: out tea-pot was very tiny)
  • add 2-3 spoons of green tea

Authentic and yummy Moroccan tea! #morocco #tea #traditions #green #teapot

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Now the interesting part begins:

  • add 2-3 spoons of sugar
  • leave everything there for 5 minutes
  • fill up 3-4 glasses, and than empty them back into the teapot.

Now it´s the hardest part: you have to learn how to pour the tea, because the most important thing is the mousse (at least 2 cm). In order to make this magical mousse, it´s important to pour the beverage from at least 7-8 centimeters of distance: pick up the teapot, pull it up and… hit the glass: good luck. Of course I am disaster: when I want to drink tea, the table gets all wet.

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And, if you want to have a stronger and tastier aroma, just put some mint springs in the teapot, or in your glass: it´s going to taste like an oriental magical night.

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