I took a taxi the other day and I was really surprised: I paid the normal price, and not a different one for the tourists, yay me.

Errachidia, Morocco 2015

Mustafa in a young taxi driver with a long black beard and short hair. During our 5 minutes long ride, we talked a little about my experience here in Morocco and, when I told him that I have some serious problems when it comes to the Arab language, he laughed.

Always keeping a big smile on his face, he gave me a short Arab lesson: he taught me how to introduce myself, how to ask for a taxi, how to say that I want to go the university and other things that he didn´t translate, so I don´t know what the meaning was, but whatever: he was very kind! Of course I can´t remember half of what he told me, but I really really appreciated it.

Traveling by taxi here is becoming a very cool experience, in which I can really talk and meet local people: cheers!

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