The day I had to take a bus from Casablanca to Errachidia, I woke up at 6 am. I knew that being tired I would have done everything much slower than I usually do. 

Casablanca, Morocco 2015
The view at 6 am from my hotel-room in Casablanca

I managed to wake up setting the alarm clocks on two phones and asking the reception to give me a call: I wanted to be sure that I would not miss the bus, because my adventure already started badly and I didn´t want to make it worst.

I finally opened my eyes, punched the phone and gave a “sgrunt” to the receptionist, when suddenly I heard something, it was a voice, it was music, it was beautiful and intense. I opened up the window and realized that it was the muezzin´s call to prayer.

I had never heard this beautiful melody before: it´s something so powerful and beautiful, especially at 6 am, when the city is slowly waking up and everything is silent: you can hear the birds singing and the muezzin doing the same. 

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