I am not just talking about my experience here in Morocco, which is really, really upsetting; but about all the women everywhere in the world who are regularly verbally harassed. 

You, man! Yes, you screaming after me that I am sexy and doing that disgusting thing with your mouth! Do you think that you are cool? Do you now consider yourself a real macho? Damn, aren´t you the best! Well, no. YOU SUCK, and here is why:

  1. you didn´t seduce me, so it was pretty useless.
  2. you will never find someone willing to spend her/his life with you, so you are going to become one of those old and creepy pervs no-one wants to talk to. You are going to die alone and you are going to be forgotten. 
  3. you are a useless and unimportant human-being. 
  4. girls like nice guys, and you are not.

And please, just stop asking me if I want to talk to you (or worst): I don´t want to! And here is why:

  1. My heart belongs to the most beautiful person on Earth and no, he doesn´t do to the girls in the streets what you are doing to me now.
  2. I am sure that you brain is as big as a peanut, so there wouldn´t be much to talk about
  3. I don´t have time to waist.

And this is for you, 15 years old boy following me around asking me if I speak English and if I am free for you: look at yourself and now look at me. I don´t like children, shush.

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