My first real Moroccan lunch was here, in Errachidia.

The hotel-director invited me to the salon de thé marocain in the building and suggested that I seated next to him on this red sofa. In front of us there was a very tiny table with a lot of interesting food, but no forks.

I remembered that Moroccan use bread as a fork, so I tried. let´s just say that half of what was supposed to be in my mouth was on the floor, but it was my first try.

There were those incredible green olives (I LOVE olives), french fries (I´ve been told that here in Morocco they eat a lot of those: yey health!), a great omelette, tomatoes with green pepper, turkey skewers with spices, grapes and a pomegranate. Errachia, Morocco 2015

Of course I didn´t eat the turkey, but I was very very fond of the rest. The hardest and tastier things to eat with bread were the tomatoes and the green pepper, but I finally managed to fill my mouth and not the carpet. But I couldn´t do the same with the french fries, so a lovely old lady was kind enough to bring me a fork (yay, saver!).

It was a great lunch, I really liked it. Let´s just hope that my stomach isn´t going to abandon me….

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