In four days I’ll be in Morocco. I’ll be in Africa again!

But who am i kidding? Of course I am happy, of course I love it, I love the idea, but I am freaking out.

I keep on reading blogs and thoughts of other travelers and I am absolutely not happy about the news I am receiving. Landscapes, food, scents, colors: all of this is going to be amazing. But what about what all female travelers write about men there?

There some horror stories going around about some men following you, touching you, pinching you, and even throwing rocks at you. So, no: I am not happy and relaxed. I really am freaking out.

Trouble seems to be following me around and I’ve already been in Madagascar, where the situation with some of the local men wasn’t nice at all. I hated it. Always touching me, whispering in my ears, staring, pointing at me, screaming weird things. And I so don’t want to be in this situation again!

But maybe this time I’ll know how to react. Maybe I’ll be able to face all of this. But at the same time I’m going to be there for five months, and time can run very slowly when you don’t feel relaxed and at ease.

What I have learned is that I have to respect their culture, traditions (duh!) and that I have to be calm and not to get mad at them, because it might make everything worse.

We’ll see! Morocco, here I come!

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