You travel, you see the world, you eat new food, dance listening to new music, and sleep in new beds.

But what happens when you come back to where you lived all your life? What happens when you come back from a new adventure and you don’t recognize your room anymore?

Well, living abroad is a life changing experience: you become a new person, you have new passions, new interests, new furniture. And when you go back home, back to those rooms where you grew up, you might feel astonished, cold.

Your childhood is there, your teen years are there, but you are not. And that’s ok. It really is. It means that you have grown up, that while those walls will always mean a lot to you, you are ready to be the new you.

You will always feel good looking at your staffed animals, at your old pictures and your old school books, but you are ready to go, to fly away and to look back smiling at the person you were and at the person you are now.

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