I love tea. I drink it everywhere I go and I love all kinds of this marvelous beverage.

http://lathebox.com/boutique/autour-du-the/la-the-box-infusion/Two years ago a friend of mine got a box from his girl-friend: it was La Thé Box and it was the best gift ever!

It’s a box, a beautiful one, filled with different types of tea. There are quite a lot of boxes you can choose and everyone one of theme follows a theme: Africa, elegant, infusion and a lot more. And the tea inside the box reflects the theme!

I tried the African one, the North Pole one and the Russian one, and I loved them all! The choice of tea is great and on the website, selecting the box you are interested in, you can see which kind of tea you can find inside!

Plus, you can get, or give as a present, a subscription which can be of a month (18,90 euros), 3 months (56,70 euros), 6 months (113 euros) and one year (208 euros).

O, and there always is a tiny beautiful present inside!


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