Being an expat is one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever lived. It’s a different way of life able to make feel stronger. So here are the perks of being an expat!

Always learning something new

We you become an expat you are eager to learn, to discover everything about your new city, and everything will look exciting! O, yes, there’s a plus: you might learn a new language!

There always is new food to taste

You will always be attached to your own culinary traditions, but you will able to mix them up with new exciting local food!

You will have friends all over the world

You will meet people coming from different countries and you will love it: always exchanging tradition and learning something new!

You will finally know how to deal with all those administrative problems

Once you have faced a new administration in a new language for the first time, nothing will scare you anymore.

You will always be optimistic

And there is no way you should not be: you are living your dream!

You will learn to be alone with yourself

Taking time by yourself to explore, to be, to live, will prove to you that you are a very good company!

You are funny and creative

I have never met a boring expat: they have this joy, this incredible strength and you will become part of it!

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