Well, first of all relax: if you forget something it’s pretty sure that you’ll find it wherever you are going to.

When I moved to Bordeaux I brought everything with me, even a huge staffed elephant, but I was traveling by car, so I had no problem. If you travel by plane, it gets harder.

  1. A week before (even more) start making lists and put what you want to bring on a big table

You will see that what you want to take with is way too much, but it’s ok now

2. Read what the weather at your destination will be like at your arrival

You are leaving when winter is starting, take mostly heavy stuff and some light clothes: you can buy everything there!

3. Get all your papers, credit card, ecc done

Once you’ll solve this problem, everything will look way easier.

4. Choose maximum 3 pairs of shoes…

… and wear the heavy ones while you are traveling. I would suggest a pair of sport shoes, boots and ballerinas.

5. Take those little objects close to your heart

Pictures, a little book, a diary: all those little light items you can put in your luggage and who will help you feeling better at your arrival.

6. Look at all the cloths that you want to bring along, and choose just a half of them

You don’t need two jackets, or four heavy sweaters or 10 pairs of trousers. Remember: you can wash your clothes there!

7. Put everything in you suitcase, and now take out some of it: keep what you really like

Come on, I know that you were going to take some useless clothes with you. Take with you what you really like, those clothes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

The most important thing to remember is that you can buy what you need at your next destination. Take with you what makes you feel good and be prepared for the weather when you arrive. And now, good luck!

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