So, I am going solo to Morocco for 5 months for a research program with Slow Food and my Italian University. I’ll be in Errachidia, which is an oasis in the middle of the desert: pretty exciting!

But you know, thinking of the future is pretty cool if you have dreams and plans. My SO is in Canada now for his last year of university, and I am already planning a trip there in April, or an internship somewhere.

And I love it! I’ll leave for Morocco in two weeks (aaaaa!!!), I’ll come back at the end of February, and then off again. It’s great, I’m really loving it.

Traveling is beautiful and helps you a lot: you learn, you discover, you live a full life. And what I am mostly looking forward to about this planning, is that I will have such a huge cultural shock: I’ll be in Morocco, I’ll come back to Italy and BUM! Straight to Canada or to the intership. In my head it will be such a funny mess, I’ll mix all the languages, the habits, the gestures…

But all this mixing and moving is the ingredient keeping people alive.

2 thoughts on “When you’re not yet at your next destination, but you already are planning a new one

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