What if you don’t have a home? What if you do have a house, but it doesn’t feel like home to you? What if you feel alive speaking other languages and not your own? What if all that you want to do is to travel? What if you want to travel, but you want a stable life too?

Is traveling the answer? Is leaving everything behind and going the answer? I would like to be strong enough to do that. To just take my rucksack, my boots and PUFFFF! But I would feel guilty about a month, so maybe it’s not for me.

But I love the way I travel and the way I have been traveling. I love living in a place for a month or more working and taking time to travel. This way I don’t feel guilty, I get to know a culture and I still have time to see what’s around me.

I am slowly discovering the blogging world and I found a lot of traveling blogs about, mainly, those brave people who had the guts to just wake up, leave everything behind and go for one year or much more. Chapeau people! And I just get lost in all those beautiful pictures they take, in all those adventures they are living, in all those colors and smiles and happiness.

So thank you! Thank you travel bloggers, you all are amazing people and I love wondering around with you just sitting in my living room.

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