And just like that, one day he takes a plane, travels over the deep blu ocean and starts living in a different continent. And for you this might seem like the end of your happiness, maybe the end of your relationship. So you wrap yourself up in an old blanket, make some hot chocolate and eat your feeling watching Sex and the City.

But come on girl! He is happy! You must be happy for him. And mostly for you: you still are with him, you still are in love, and you can make it work. So get up, hide the cake, drink water and be happy.

If you have 6 hours of difference, you might do the same things, but in two different moments! He might be preparing lunch, and you dinner! He might go to sleep, and you might get up! It’s funny after all! And it’s sweet, because you know that your relationship, your love, is awake 24/7.It might get lonely, it might be hard sometimes, but after all it’s not. Just remember that if you try, you can.

And with Skype, WhatsApp and whatsoever, it gets so easy! You wake up with his goodnight text, he has breakfast reading what you are cooking for lunch. It’s beautiful after all. And sometimes, it will be so cool: you will be talking to each other when at his place it’s yesterday, and at your place it’s today.

So, just stay strong and relax, create some routines just for you two, write letters, send postcards to each other, plan a visit and see his world. This world in which he could not be happy without knowing that you are in his life. After all it’s true what they say: home is where your heart is. This means that home is him, no matter where he is.

One thought on “If you and your SO live in two different continents and in different time-zones, it’s a contemporary fairytale

  1. I wish this was true for me. Unfortunately the man I’m in love with lives in Australia. 12 hour time difference, but light years away. We can’t be together right now and it’s incredibly painful but the distance I guess makes the separation easier. I know I’ll see him again someday and that’s what gets me by.

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